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How We May Live


Daily we are bombarded with visual images. The media and advertising industries know that our visual sense is primary.  What we “see” is foremost in shaping what we “think”.


How helpful, then, if we could see how we are growing and maturing as individuals. We can learn how we relate and engage others and why our most intimate relationships change and endeavour either to deeper connection or dissolution.  Our life is our choice.

 Clarity + Mystery = Claristery


This workshop provides participants with a visual map where daily living can take us. It is deeply provoking, thoughtful and affirming. This retreat will help you see that you are complete — here, right now. You carry within you the foundation of your own perfection.


If you have participated in this workshop previously you will recognize it as using the CIRCLE and the CONE as a visual map which can translate into many “languages”, i.e. various psychological theories, educational theories, secular everyday reflections or theological and spiritual perspectives — whatever language that you speak.  The only prerequisite is an inquiring mind along with a willingness to listen to oneself, to be still and quiet accompanied by others in a relaxing and peaceful setting.


The “Work” in the Workshop …


… is individual.  There will be no formal group activities.  The accommodation is comfortable and there will be plenty of opportunity for solitude for you to walk, journal, meditate, paint, or take part in other recreational activities.


Prior to Arrival


Information will be sent to you well in advance of the workshop so that you may do some guided reflection and gather a few mementos of your life for some important projects you will complete.

Where and When


The next workshop will be announced soon.  Space is always limited.


*   Check in time will be after dinner — between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Friday night. 

*   The Workshop will conclude after lunch on Sunday.

*   The first session will begin at 7:30 PM on Friday.


A detailed time schedule will be included in your information package.




*   The complete cost for the retreat will be reasonable and will include accommodation, breakfast and lunch, and printed materials.  Fees will be announced soon.

*   A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required when you submit your registration form. 

*   Cancellations must be received more than thirty days before the start of the retreat.

*   Payment can be made with either cheque or Visa.

*   Please advise when you register if vegetarian meals are desired.

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